A true multipotentialite, Rebecca Borges is on a mission to create a better world. As local president of FemCity, one of the nation's leading networks of women in business, and designer and client relationship extraordinaire with Canadian-based Nadi Design, Rebecca works tirelessly to build communities that thrive. Whether the focus is on creating a network of women who support one another in business or developing land use strategies that adapt to our changing climate, the result is the same: implementation of solutions to obtain positive and sustainable social change.

Rebecca speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Building Community
  • Why women need to support other women
  • Reasons to join a support group
  • Playing full out
  • Finding Your Path
  • Moving forward in the face of adversity
  • Way to connect in your community
  • On being a multpotentialite
  • On being multi-passionate

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