Traci S. Campbell is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and IT consultant. She is the founder and creator of The BIBO Awards (BIBO is an acronym for “Beauty In / Beauty Out”) and The BIBO Foundation. For the past six years, the BIBO Awards has honored female role models and trailblazers in communities nationwide with awards being held in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.  The BIBO Foundation, a 501c3 organization, assists disadvantaged women transitioning from homelessness, domestic violence and/or transitioning to new career or business paths. The foundation is launching its STEM based initiative in 2019 to serve disadvantaged young women who want to pursue careers in science, technology, math, or finance.

Throughout the year, the work of The BIBO Foundation reaches out to support needy women in communities nationwide. Every February, the “Beauty is ALL Heart” campaign brings awareness to the number one killer of women, which is heart disease. This is a fantastic initiative all about educating, honoring and celebrating women, especially heart disease survivors. Traci lost her mother in 2007 after a 13 year long battle with heart disease. Traci was her primary caregiver from a very young age and they fought that fight together. Traci’s older sister is currently going through a battle with heart disease, so this issue really hits home for her.  The “Beauty is ALL Heart” brings awareness to heart health “heroes”; men and women who are fighting this disease by providing treatment to heart disease patients and supporting caregivers who are sacrificing their lives to provide comfort and care to loved ones going through this disease.

The “It’s Purse-sonal” campaign is one of BIBO’s biggest campaigns. It took off with an initial goal of 100 to almost 400 collected purses in Chicago for struggling homeless women. These collected purses are filled with needed items, and personal notes of encouragement to help them to continue their fight for a better life. Last year, 4 cities participated in the “It’s Purse-sonal” campaign (Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago). The BIBO Foundation is really excited that it will keep growing and growing. Lastly, BIBO is partnering with Dress For Success in the Dallas area and Power Forward Woman, which is a local organization in Dallas, headed up by 2016 BIBO Awards Los Angeles honoree, Star Williams. As you can see, BIBO’s past honorees come back and truly support the growth of The BIBO awards and the mission of The BIBO Foundation.

The BIBO Awards started as a special project under the C.H.A.M.P. Community Project organization. C.H.A.MP stands for “Character, Happiness, Attitude, Mentality and Purpose”. In 2010, Traci founded the C.H.A.M.P. Community Project in Chicago, a 501c3 organization based on her book The C.H.A.M.P. Within, that explored the relationship and challenges she and her mom faced in a single parent household.  This program has served over 800 single parents and teens in Illinois, Georgia, and Nairobi, Kenya.

Traci is a veteran podcaster and is now the host of a weekly web series and podcast, “BIBO Live!” which highlights women who are past or present BIBO Award honorees as well as supporters (men and women) of the BIBO Awards and BIBO Foundation mission. The show also highlights female entrepreneurs and women with mission-driven initiatives.

Traci speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Women at work
  • Empowerment
  • STEM Education
  • Women in transition
  • Caregiver
  • How To Start Non-Profit

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