Katy Collins is a doula, teacher, childcare provider, and performer. She is an active doula with Birthways, Inc. in Chicago taking labor and postpartum clients. She is also creator of a new web series, The Doula is IN.  Katy got her doula certification with To Labor a national accrediting doula organization. She has seen over 55 births and worked with countless families supporting them and their new babies. She teaches with Chicago Children's Theater in their camps and baby classes. She teaches movement, yoga, and drama basics. She has been a nanny for the pasts 15 years with families all over Minneapolis and Chicago. She also is a performer that has acted with Second City, Chicago Shakespeare, Steppenwolf, Goodman, Sideshow Theater Company and the Backroom Shakespeare Project. She is currently working on a web series called: 'The Doula Is In' with Chicago Puppetry group Manual Cinema with grant from Chicago Filmmakers. Katy is passionate about women's rights and giving power to mothers to seek support and knowledge. With her performance and teaching background she is a powerful speaker that can engage all sorts of communities.

Katy speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Birth!
  • Let's talk about your Vagina
  • Knowing our bodies and empowering ourselves
  • Supporting women
  • Why Reproductive Rights Matter
  • Transformation Pain 
  • The History of Childbirth in America
  • Ticking Clock: Let's talk about Fertility
  • Trends in the Birth Scene
  • Planting your baby in the right garden to grow
  • LOVE MORE (exploring our love hormone: Oxytocin)

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