Julie Burns Walker has worked as a medical intuitive for the past 24 years—observing trends, and patterns of growth and evolution, health and disease—with people from all over the planet.

Her special focus has always been on discovering and identifying purpose and design as one of the most important keys to unlocking and creating health. She is the author of The Oneness Model series—books that assist in eliminating “all or nothing” thinking about ourselves and others, and identifying both strengths and weaknesses in the concept of human cultures within.

Julie has a private practice in the Chicago area and gives talks and workshops on identifying aspects of our purpose, the Oneness Model, and addressing human trends. 

  • Julie is available to speak on a variety of topics, including:
  • What's Happening in the World? Our Historic Approach: Ignoring or Fighting...New Patterns Emerge
  • Living Without Fear
  • Searching for a Hero: Why worship the hero when we are enough?
  • Living In This Time - How to cope with too much
  • Where We Are, Where We Were, and Where Are You?
  • An Evening With a Medical Intuitive

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