This divorced mother of 3 has over 25 years in fitness and martial arts training, Her training has given her a unique perspective on the mind/body connection and how to use it as a power source. She speaks to groups about harnessing this power to create the confidence and courage to get the results you want in life. Mental Self-defense will you have kicking every situation’s butt WITH YOUR MIND!  Her company, Team Fireball, which she began with her fiancé, delivers fitness focused team building programs, fitness coaching and other mental and physical training activities designed to facilitate employee engagement, stress reduction and increased productivity. 

Her company's social conscience mission is to empower Domestic Violence victims and survivors through fitness and self-defense training. She and her partner each have endured emotional and physical violence in previous relationships in their lives and are determined to help others by changing the mindset, self esteem and belief systems of those feeling trapped by their circumstances.

Debbie speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • MENTAL SELF DEFENSE-The mindset that will change your life.
  • WARRIOR MIND/POWERFUL BODY: Using our mind/body connection as a power source
  • WORK/LIFE BALANCE-Crush business goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • WHAT IF I HATE THE GYM? And other tales of woe - fitness options that work without the gym

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