Emily Drake is CEO of Flank 5 Academy, a career and leadership development organization that creates and delivers programming within organizations, as well as within intimate group and individual settings. Flank 5 Academy uses a methodology that is always strengths-based and rooted in a growth mindset, including the best of start-up sensibility and contemporary psychology. Emily has always been a storyteller and connector – committed to inspiring hope, and creating structure, for individuals in transition. She believes in the power of community to get anywhere in life – “better together” is a mantra she lives by.  Emily’s story has her changing career paths four times, from public relations executive to youth development leader; from career counselor and veteran advocate to program and coaching director. After going through a life-changing experience as part of a Flank 5 Academy cohort, Emily began facilitating the cofounders, creating spaces for groups and individuals to access that which does not exist: an intentional space, with support and structure, for the career and leadership conversation. 

 Believing it to be not only her passion, but also a responsibility, Emily joined Flank 5 Academy as CEO in January 2016.  She holds a BA from Augustana College and an MA from Northeastern Illinois University. She is a licensed therapist specializing in working with career changers, beginners or seekers – as well as individuals rebuilding after career trauma. 

 Follow her on Twitter @Flank5Academy and @emkdee.

 Talks and presentations include:

  •  Designing Your Career for Impact
  • Leadership in Challenging Times
  • Finding Your Fit: Branding Jumpstart
  • Mapping Your Team Dynamics
  • Passion Matters: Putting Yours to Work