Sally is a certified Co-Active coach. Sally works with women who have survived loss through divorce or bereavement and who are ready to rebuild their lives. From the devastation, healing and growth of her own divorce, Sally created a process for not only surviving, but thriving; making post-divorce life one of empowerment, fulfillment and extraordinary richness. 

Sally works with individual clients as well as groups, and she offers workshops in which participants figure out what they want, and once they know that, create a five year plan to make it happen. Her guiding passion is watching other women find their own spark and supporting them as they rise from the ashes.

Sally speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Reinventing Your Future: Creating a Healthy, Happy Life Post-Divorce and How You Can Start Now

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Overcoming Tragedy

  • Embracing Happiness

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