Taylor Gaines is Co-Owner and CEO of T&T Digital Media. Prior to launching T&T, Taylor was working for a full-service advertising agency as an Account Executive. Taylor was in charge of developing social media campaigns, and developing social strategies for large national grocery retailers and international natural food brands. 

Taylor received her education at The University of Arizona where she obtained her undergraduate degree is Business, with three majors in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Taylor also has won various marketing competitions, including Macy's Marketing competition where she and her team were flown to New York to present in front of the executive board. 

Taylor believes social media will change how public relations is operated by creating a new channel for developing relationships and creating targeted goals.

Taylor speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Overall Digital Media
  • Relationship Management
  • Public Relations/Journalism and Social
  • Content Creation
  • Business Dev and Social
  • Leveraging Social Media for Negotations
  • Influencer Marketing through Social Media
  • Cybersecurity and Social Media

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