Mel Husk, AAMS, AWMA is the Founder and independent, financial planner of MEL Consulting Company, an innovative platform for all areas of your Money, Experiences and Life. She's also the creator of Achieving Financial Independence for Women, an exclusive advice and accountability program to educate and empower women on preparing for life's expected and unexpected moments. 

With over 16 years of industry experience, Mel has worked for some of the best firms on Wall Street to only realize that it's still the old school mentality, good ole' boys club. She wants to partner with Gen XY to create wealth and map out their journey to achieving financial freedom.

Talks and presentations include:

  • Women & 10 Steps to Achieving Financial Freedom
  • Women in the Financial Services Industry
  • Financial Foundations: What are the basics every gal needs to know!
  • Investments 101
  • Understanding the Markets
  • Retirement, Education, Estate Planning (3 separate topics)
  • Selecting a financial advisor: what do look for and run from
  • Networking skills for prospects, job opportunities, centers of influence

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