Mimi Keane, CPPM is a certified coach in the highly specialized field of the science of the ontology of language. Ontology
in how our lives are impacted by the language we employ, as it is driven by our perceptions, aka "the language in our
heads", to either propel us forward or hold us back. Mimi's advocacy is centered on advancing women into leadership
roles in politics, business and the professions. This is accomplished through her signature 12-Session Coaching and
Workshop Program, "Leading with Language" and Group Workshops.
Mimi brings over 30 years of International business experience to her practice and is an equally accomplished
International Speaker and Facilitator. Mimi's services are delivered virtually over a variety of digital devices. Mimi is the
President of keaneCOACH Virtual Consulting.

Mimi speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Women and the Power of Language
  • Breaking the Fear of Making The "Ask"
  • Women's Power Paradigm
  • #MeToo: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • I AM: The MBTI - Knowing Your Personality Type Preference

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