Known for integrity, grit, leadership, business development and strong work ethic both inside and outside the work environment, Megan Mathias is an attorney focused on representing women, minorities and social justice entrepreneurs in all aspects of business and family law. Megan is invested in social responsibility, community building and empowerment of under-served communities - the result is a highly driven and focused mission in terms of the type of work Megan takes on and thrives at tackling. Strong but compassionate representation unmatched in the market sets her apart. 

Megan's focus on helping women and minority business owners has provided her with a unique skill set to assist those clients with the unique challenges that they face. Navigating everyday business issues including employment issues (hiring, terminations, employment contracts, restrictive covenants, severance agreements), financing, growth strategies (acquisitions, mergers, contracts, leasing, vendor/customer agreements) and exit strategies are different with Megan working by your side.

Megan speaks and presents on a variety of topics, including:

  • Conquering Obstacles for Women Business Owners and Women Executives
  • Negotiating Tactics for Women
  • Overcoming Gender Bias
  • Launching a Women or Minority Owned Business
  • Protecting Confidential Business Information; Trademarks and the Like
  • Finding Your Tribe: the Inner Circle that Every Women Needs

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