Jessica Matthews is the Founder of LoveliestWoman Coaching, LLC. After the demise of an 18-year marriage. Jessica dedicated several years to rediscovering herself and transforming into what she believes is the "LoveliestWoman." Now, Jessica empowers women by helping them to reconstruct themselves and reclaim their love lives after divorce.

Ms. Matthews has appeared on WVON, Real Talk, Real People, moderated dating discussions, organized singles events as well as dating workshops. Ms. Matthews holds an advance degree in the Sciences from DePaul University and has a background in thought leadership as well as training and development. She has served as a coach for over a year. For several academic years, Jessica has volunteered as a coach to assist community college students overcome personal, collegiate and professional obstacles to matriculate to a 4-year university. Jessica is also a proud member of Cops and Communities United, a non-for-profit dedicated to restoring the trust between Chicago Police officers and the community.

Talks and presentations include:

  • Amazing Grace - How grace can transform your life
  • LoveliestWoman 7-Step System - What it is and how it can work for YOU
  • Grow YOU the Brand - Join the #LoveliestWoman movement
  • Dating for LOVE - Activating your customized 6 step plan

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