Andrea Newberry is founder of Leche Libre, edgy breastfeeding apparel for badass moms. After the birth of my two babies, Andrea felt super frustrated that she couldn't find stylish clothing that was easy to breastfeed in. She was stuck in a pit of postpartum depression and although she loved being a Mom, she felt like she was losing herself as a person. She was just learning to sew at the time, so she made myself some clothing which represented her edgy aesthetic which also had easy breastfeeding access. Wearing it made her feel badass and smart as hell that she could easily integrate breastfeeding into her life while still maintaining her personal style.

Andrea wants to empower all women to embrace the awesomeness of their postpartum bodies and breastfeed shame free in effortless style. Although she had no experience in the industry (her previous job was in art restoration) and only $5,000 in start up capital, she decided to launch her company anyway. She taught herself fashion design by watching Project Runway and fashion business through experimentation and trail and error. This past summer, Andrea launched and ran a viral Kickstarter which raised over $50K to do her first big production run. Leche Libre is now establishing itself as the most stylish and fashion forward breastfeeding apparel brand on the market!

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