Writing coach Betsey O’Brien, founder of Pen & Hand, introduces people to the health-boosting
benefits of capturing their thoughts on paper a few times a week.

Emphasizing the value of journaling by hand as a means of aligning our thoughts and
experiences with our deepest needs, Betsey helps her students get the most from their personal
writing. She offers group and private workshops for those new to journaling and focused
sessions for individuals working their way through a painful divorce, career change or health

In addition to Pen & Hand, Betsey serves a wide range of clients as a strategist and writer with
Desire Path Marketing. Her strong interest in medical care and mental health have led to a
writing practice focused mainly in these areas, where she works closely with nonprofits,
psychotherapists and other health care providers.

A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, mother of two and a
longtime resident of Oak Park, Illinois, Betsey is an active member of West Suburban Women
Entrepreneurs and a board member with Myra. Here’s a sampling of the talks she is prepared to
deliver for your organization:

•How to write your way through life’s toughest times

• Journaling for leadership and life fulfillment

•Sharing your organization’s story with heart and impact

•Embracing the imperfectly wonderful side of parenting

 •Starting over: why it’s never too late to rewrite your life story    

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