An award-winning former print and television journalist, Debra Pickett founded Page 2 Communications in 2011, focusing her media strategy and communications consultancy on the needs of law firms and their clients, specifically in the areas of media training, trial publicity and public relations.

Today, she works with attorneys, issue advocates, political candidates, and executives to get their messages out to key constituencies, translating complex legal, technical and policy language into compelling articles, speeches and books. She is particularly focused on working with high-potential women, coaching them in business development and other key communication skills.

Debra speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • "Shameless: The Art of Self-Promotion"
  • "The Accidental Entrepreneur"
  • "Women’s Voices on the Editorial Pages: A Call to Action"
  • "Power of 40: Reinventing Yourself Before Midlife the Crisis"
  • "Balance is BS: Making Work Your Life and Making Your Life Work"

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