Jacqueline Saper is an author, translator, educator, and a public speaker. Her new book, a memoir about her experiences growing up in a bicultural Jewish family before, during, and after the revolution in Iran will be published soon. As an insider, outsider she has a unique perspective on the internal and external challenges posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ms. Saper’s lectures, workshops, and seminars delve into an understanding of the Middle East in general and Iran specifically. The primary objective of each lecture is to educate the audience members about a topic that is of significant interest and importance. 

Most recently, Jacqueline has completed her collaboration with Left Brain/Right Brain Productions in the translation and subtitling of the feature movie, ‘Alex & Ali’. She is a member and speaker at the 'Niagara Foundation', which is an organization that strives to promote social cohesion and sustained relationships between people of different cultures and faiths. She is also a speaker for the ‘JIMENA’ organization, which is committed to achieving universal recognition to the heritage and history of the Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

As an academic, she serves as an adjunct faculty at Oakton Community College. Jacqueline holds a B.S. from Northeastern Illinois University and is also a CPA. She is a graduate of the 'Hadassah Leadership Academy' and the 'Florence Melton School (Morasha)' for educators. Active in the community and fluent in Farsi, she has volunteered as a translator for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, for the National Immigrant Justice Center and has worked with a variety of pro bono networks in the Chicago area, such as Foley & Lardner, LLP.  

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