Stacey Saunders helps women trade in their busyness for business as the principal behind Saunders Consulting, a productivity firm for small business owners who want more time for who and what they love. Having spent 20+ years leading and managing inside both the public and private sectors, topped off with an MBA in Business Administration, Stacey is a contemporary connoisseur on spending time wisely. Whether she’s acting as your networking wing-woman to help you establish strategic partnerships or keeping you in check with structuring your days around activities that’ll actually help grow your business, Stacey takes her clients from overwhelmed and underpaid to on top of their workday game as they expand their reach and bank accounts. Being an efficiency pro not just for her clients, but also for herself, Stacey has time away from her business to do the things she enjoys such as staying active in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood and advocating for women’s health.

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