Bernadette started her first company as a wedding planner with an LGBTQ specialty. She and her team worked with hundreds of LGBTQ couples from nearly every state and around the world and she saw couples at their most vulnerable. As a pioneer in this industry, she became the go-to expert on LGBTQ customer service, sales and marketing. 

Bernadette is now CEO of Equality Institute, a firm dedicated to consulting with businesses on issues of harassment and diversity and inclusion. She speaks on these topics to audiences of CEOs, associations, leadership teams and more. Bernadette is an award-winning author of three books, and her upcoming book Unassuming Assumptions, will be released Fall 2018. She holds a BS and an MBA and her expertise has been sought after by the Today Show, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and National Public Radio, among others. 

Talks and presentations include:

  • Blurred Lines: How to Reduce Legal Exposure by Navigating the Changing Boundaries of Gender
  • Your Front Line Risk: How to Prevent a Viral Incident from Sabotaging Your Marketing Spend
  • Family Matters: How to Earn and Keep the Business of LGBTQ Parents
  • Over the Rainbow: How to Truly Earn the Business of the LGBTQ Market
  • Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Meetings and Events

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