Shobhana Johri Verma has a unique blend of outreach and advocacy and public relations experience. She is a pioneer who in less than three years at the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners (CBOE), has built one of the first and most effective community education and outreach organizations in the country. Thanks to her tireless efforts, unprecedented numbers of South Asian Americans in the city have begun to exercise their right to vote and participate in local, state and national level political process.

Prior to becoming the Director of the South Asian Outreach Program for CBOE, Johri Verma held numerous roles as an educator, volunteer and journalist advocating for environmental causes and gender and immigrant interests, including challenging roles supporting victims of sexual exploitation and domestic violence. She has written for and been published in both the digital and print media in both the United States and India.

Johri Verma has two Masters Degrees in Women’s Studies from the University of Cincinnati and Lucknow University. She has a certification as a Sexual Violence Prevention Educator and is trained in Medical and Legal Advocacy. She is a past student board member of the Cincinnati Chapter of Planned Parenthood.

Shobhana speaks on a variety of topics, including:

  • Gender equality
  • Violence against women
  • Cultural diversity - struggles of an immigrant community including need for language access
  • Social justice
  • Human trafficking

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